Hungarian Seismo-Acoustic Bulletin

The seismo-acoustic bulletin was compiled by the Kövesligethy Radó Seismological Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The bulletin combines infrasound data from the Central and East European Infrasound Network (CEEIN), the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization International Monitoring System infrasound stations with seismic data from the permanent stations of the Hungarian National Seismological Network and stations in the Central and East European Earthquake Research Network (CE3RN) as well as data from other permanent and temporary networks in the region.


Published by: MTA CSFK GGI Kövesligethy Radó Seismological Observatory
Meredek u. 18., Budapest, Hungary H-1112

Responsible publisher: László Kiss, MTA CSFK Director General

This work was supported by the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Fund (K128152).

ISSN 2676-7902

Authors: István Bondár (ed.), Csenge Czanik, Barbara Czecze, Dániel Kalmár, Márta Kiszely, Péter Mónus, Bálint Süle
Bondár, I., Cs. Czanik, B. Czecze, D. Kalmár, M. Kiszely, P. Mónus, B. Süle, Hungarian Seismo-Acoustic Bulletin, 2017-2018, Kövesligethy Radó Seismological Observatory, MTA CSFK GGI, Budapest, 91pp., 2019.

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